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Personal Use:

Posters and printed products are for personal use only - see the FAQ’s below for terms of use. Please visit where you can pick from over 65 high resolution and medium resolution images and have your choices printed in a variety of ways! With ImageKind, you can have your choices printed on a wide variety of papers or printed on canvas and stretched - you can also have your choices framed. Greeting cards are also available.

Our goal is to make our images affordable for anyone who want’s to use our art for personal poster use.

Commercial Use / TV and Film Projects:

The products made available through ImageKind may not be used for commercial projects. Please contact me for a quote on your commercial project.

I’ll be happy to FTP your choices (for commercial projects only) to your printer, where they can be printed on a variety of papers and canvas in a variety of sizes.


All images remain the exclusive property and are under the copyright of Greg Voth.

A buyer may display the image reproduction for his/her own enjoyment but may not reproduce, sell or distribute my artwork without written permission. The order of an image(s) for Personal Use or Commercial Use does not grant the buyer any right to multiple reproductions of that image and no rights are transferred or implied. In the event is approached by a party requesting that specific rights be authorized or transferred for select images, all terms of transfer and image use must be agreed to in writing by Greg Voth for

No reproduction rights accompany our images when transferred to your print supplier except those agreed to in writing by Greg Voth for You printer is expected to delete the file once a satisfactory reproduction is produced. images are not Royalty-Free images, they are rights-managed images. As such you are granted one (1) reproduction per image order unless additional fees are paid for multiple prints. does not recognize Creative Commons Licensing. and Mimosa Digital are separate entities and will not be held responsible for each other’s errors in the your prints’ reproduction. Every effort will be made to insure that your print will be reproduced as accurately to the specs of your order and as promptly as possible.

No rights, other than those written and agreed to and signed by Greg Voth for are transferred or implied.

All terms And pricing subject to change at any time without notice.

This website is the sole property of Greg Voth. No permission, written or implied,
is given to any person or entity to copy or alter the work shown herein.

All images © 2009-2011 Greg Voth